How to Make Journaling a Daily Habits — Journaling Tips For Beginners

1. Use a Real Journal

There’s magic in writing things down.

2. Start First Thing in the Morning

The reason you may want to start writing your journal in the morning is that you make sure it’s done before life happens.

3. Use Journal Prompts

I know you might find it overwhelming to write especially for the first time.

4. Free Write

This is my favorite way to journal.

5. Take Your Journal Everywhere

One of the main reasons why you want to take your journal with you is that from time to time, we have these amazing ideas popping in our heads unexpectedly.

Final Words

Now, all these 5 tips we’ve talked about are useless if you’re going to sit your butt off and actually write.



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Jiha Emen

Jiha Emen

Personal Growth Junkie. Social Media Manager. ✉